Lamazuna helps to reduce waste through eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade products that also look great in your bathroom!

Our range consists mainly of solid beauty products with rich formulas that are incredibly easy to use: shampoos, toothpastes, solid deodorant, shaving bar, etc. We also have washable cleansing wipes, a menstrual cup and Oriculi – our infinitely reusable ear cleaner! Light, compact, and with no risk of spillage, our products are very travel-friendly!



The world’s first open and private testing platform dedicated to organic, natural and ethical products.

Improve your chances of success for the launch of your new products and get them referenced by the best experts around: your clients, or consumers who are like them.

ConnectYourSource is  the only “organic” platform on the market that lets you create your own consumer tests.

You can test a wide range of products : food and drink, healthcare, beauty, home care products.

Sound out your clients, quiz organic point-of-sale managers, compare several different recipes or formulae , analyse analyse the strengths and weaknesses of rival products…



Located in the leading Organic area of France: La Drôme (on the threshold of PROVENCE), MARKAL is the manufacturer of ORGANIC BULGUR.

Over an area of 12 000m2, we are manufacturers, packers and logisticians. With an organic range of more than 800 products (cereals and mixes, flours, flakes and mueslis, rice and many others…), we can serve industries and manufacturers, shops, wholesalers and cathering (we sell to 50 countries around the world).


Founded in 1859, PAGÈS, tea and herbal tea house, is located in Puy en Velay, in Auvergne, renowned for the diversity and abundance of its flora.

Oldest herbal tea brand in France, Pagès has kept the apothecaries know-how of herbal remedies, then herbalists, who infused herbs for pleasure. Today, our herbal tea and teas are still created with these same values of authenticity and naturalness. Our herbalists, Camille and Angélique, graduated from the School of Medicinal Plants, revive the tradition of “natural care by herbal teas”.