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Bio'n'Days 2021 - 6ème convention d'affaires internationale pour les produits biologiques

Themed Workshops

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Eight thematic workshops to discuss organic consumption trends

Hear it from the experts, there throughout the workshops to help you step out of your routine and see yourself on the organic market of 2025. Find out also how to strengthen your supply chains to face the future with greater peace of mind.

Workshop 1
Wednesday, June 9th
2.00 p.m

Digital – a revolution in organic distribution?

The health crisis has acted as a potent booster for modernizing the distribution channels for organic products. In today’s constantly shifting society, how can you stimulate demand and tailor your offering online?


Simon Le Fur

Co-founder of Aventure Bio


Carole Giboz Honnart

Founder of Doux Good

Workshop 2
Wednesday, June 9th
3.00 p.m

How can the organic sector structure itself to fuel its own growth?

There is no growth without raw material! Given that agricultural production is failing to keep pace with demand, it is vital to secure organic supply chains to maintain high standards of quality. Discover methods and advice on how to single out new suppliers and build lasting relationships upstream with the supply end of the industry.


Gérald Townsend

Sustainable development manager, CSR manager for Picard Surgelés


Stéphanie Pageot

Organic farmer and national secretary for FNAB

Prospective workshops

In 2014 Cluster Bio began work on a prospective study aimed at exploring the future of organic markets in 2025, by developing a set of potential trend scenarios based on key variables, including consumer behaviour, distribution, state aid and changes in purchasing power. This ongoing analysis has enabled us to bring out the different trends related to and shaping the organic market.


Marithé Castaing

Companies development manager for Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Prospective workshop 1
Wednesday, June 9th
4.00 p.m

Organic food sector: what's in store for 2025?

The 4 scenarios initially presented for the organic food market included organics sharing, winning, clustering and diluting. In 2018, ‘sharing’ was the scenario taking shape the most, with organics expanding into conventional markets and competing economically. What will the market look like in 2021?


Adrien Petit

Director of Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


Bastien Boissonnier

Organic Supply Chain Manager for Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Prospective workshop 2
Wednesday, June 9th
5.00 p.m

Organic cosmetics sector: what's in store for 2025?

For cosmetics, the 4 original scenarios were based on organics expanding, setting the pace, doing business and raising suspicion. In 2018 it looked like ‘expanding’ was most likely to emerge as the dominant trend: the market was expanding, but facing constraints in terms of identity and adequate distribution chains. Where will organic cosmetics be heading in 2021?


Lauriane Lubert

Innovation project manager for Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


Caroline Girard

International and marketing projects manager for Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Day 2

Hear it from the experts bringing first-hand knowledge to these workshops, and get in-depth understanding of consumer trends to identify which of them can be worked into your company approach.

Workshop 1
Thursday, June 10th
2.00 p.m

How do you create a distinct buying experience based on transparency?

The notions of transparency and brands maintaining close links with consumers are essential factors when building a relationship of trust. Hear it from players in the field describing their own experiences and suggestions for developing this type of trust.


Benoît Plisson

Co-founder of Hari&Co


Thomas Huriez

Founder of 1083

Workshop 2
Thursday, June 10th
3.00 p.m

How do you raise your brand awareness by offering zero-waste refill solutions?

Package-free loose food and cosmetics are booming today for a host of reasons: reducing packaging and waste, right doses, attractive prices…. Talk with companies and distributors who have already made the leap.


Laëtitia Van de Walle

Founder of Lamazuna

SARAH BENOSMAN  Créatrice de Vrac'n Roll

Sarah Van de Walle

Creator of Vrac'n Roll

Workshop 3
Thursday, June 10th
4.00 p.m

How much do the different food and cosmetics labels complement each other?

Labels are a source of reassurance for consumers. Yet given the profusion of labels available today, companies have to selectively sort through them and understand which ones best suit their approach and bring added value to their products. Speak with stakeholders who have chosen to carry several labels.


Carole Tawema

Founder of Karethic


Bernard Martin

Supply chain, quality and safety director for Ekibio

Workshop 4
Thursday, June 10th
5.00 p.m

What is the perceived value of an organic product?

Organic products are generally the most expensive ones on the shelves. But are consumers aware of their added value? How can you make that distinct value stand out, and stop it fading as it becomes familiar? Hear companies share feedback on how they have opened this dialogue with consumers.


Adrien Dumistresco

Co-founder of ScanUp

HERMANGE - Neogourmets2

David Hermange

Co-founder of Néogourmets