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Bio'n'Days 2021 - 6ème convention d'affaires internationale pour les produits biologiques


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2021 Edition

How can growth and trust in organic go hand in hand?

In response to today’s societal, environmental and health challenges, organic products have positioned themselves as a viable solution, offering a more durable consumer approach which also protects your health. In France, 9 out of 10 people consume organic products, if only rarely, and the sector continues to win over new consumers (Source: Agence Bio 2020).

The foundations of the organic market have now been firmly established, but that promise alone is no longer enough. To consolidate that growth and ensure that it lasts, the industry must align it with trust in organic…

The conferences will be held in French, with simultaneous translation provided in English.

Wednesday 9th June 2021

An overview of today's organic market: how is growth structured in the organic sector?

Organic products provide a major lever for addressing the societal and environmental challenges that consumers expect to face in the future. Driven by hungry demand, the organic sector has expanded into all the different distribution channels.

What used to be a committed stance, and then an opportunistic opening, organic has now become fully integrated into the strategies of stakeholders across the industry. Day 1 lays emphasis on the latest facts and figures about the organic market, and the different ways to maintain its growth.

Bio Horizon 2021
Opening Speech
9 a.m
Présidente du Conseil Départemental En charge de l’aménagement du territoire et de l’aide aux communes

Marie-Pierre Mouton

President of the council of the Drôme county

Adrien Petit

Director - Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Vincent Bascoul

Co-founder of Namaki Cosmetics & President of Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Conference 1

Organic and public policy: what are the key aims?

The French are increasingly concerned by what they consume, and the means of production and resources used… In step with these growing expectations, the French state and local governments are expanding their efforts to open up access to better food and more responsible consumption. Where does organic fit in with future public policy? What are the aims for this sector?

Laure VERDEAU - agence BIO

Laure Verdeau

Director - Agence BIO (French Agency for Development and Promotion of Organic Farming)
Didier Perreol

Didier Perréol

President of Synabio and VP of Léa Biodiversité
Claude AURIAS Drôme (26) Conseiller délégué à l’Economie de proximité

Claude Aurias

Counsellor Delegate of local economy, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Conference 2

The state of play: the French organic market in figures

With households buying more and more organic products, there is now room for all stakeholders to find their niche on this popularised, dynamic and fast-changing market. Get an overview of the state of play and market trends in 2021 for the different distribution chains (hypermarket and supermarket chains, specialist organic stores, e-commerce…) and see a breakdown of sales performance by category to help steer your business as effectively as possible.

loic danel_portrait

Loïc Danel

DG of Biotopia Insights

Nagède Peteuil

Senior Consultant for IRI
Conference 3

How do you position yourself on the ever-shifting organic market?

The growth of the organic sector means changes for companies in terms of strategy and positioning. Find out about the different growth opportunities on the organic market from our guest speakers, there to share their first-hand experience.

Nicolas Blaser, Fondateur d'Alpes Cambium SAS et de Enea Sens

Nicolas Blaser

Founder of Alpes Cambium SAS and Enea Sens

Benoît Soury

Organic Market Director for Carrefour Group

Stéphanie Jacq

Chief Purchasing Officer, Charles & Alice
Premier Bilan Etats Généraux de l'Alimentation
Thursday 10th June 2021

Beyond organic: new trends coming to the fore: what levers should we pull to ensure consumer confidence?

After a string of health scandals over the past few decades, and especially now with the impact of the global pandemic, organic products have come to mean a ‘safe haven’ for many, guaranteeing quality to consumers. As a result, a whole new range of products has been introduced onto the market, either as supplements or alternatives to organically-certified products. Overwhelmed by this profusion of solutions, today’s consumer is left feeling confused and at a loss as to know who to trust. Day 2 focuses on initiatives and approaches for strengthening consumer confidence.

Opening Speech
9 a.m.

How do the trailblazing organic companies shape their offering to keep bringing consumers on board? How do you adapt your strategy to win over customers in a society that has metamorphosed over the last few decades?


Laurent Huynh

General Director of Bjorg et Compagnie
Conference 1

Exclusive study: how much consumers see organic as a priority

Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will disclose the findings of an exclusive study into consumer expectations, and the main priorities when balancing organic against other compatible, responsible and competing alternatives. Use this study to fine-tune or strengthen your strategies.


Marie Chedeville

Qualitative Studies Manager, OpinionWay

Delphine Michaut

Marketing Consulting Director, OpinionWay
Conference 2

Beyond organic: what can be done to inspire confidence in organics in France and abroad?

The sector is being challenged on all sides, and every stakeholder is sending out a reassuring message to encourage consumers to buy into the organic vision. Be inspired by the initiatives taken to “boost confidence” in organic products and services in France and abroad.


Caroline Roux

Food & Drink Analyst at MINTEL Global New Products Database (GNPD)
Conference 3

Organic is no longer enough!

Since organic has spread into the mainstream, a larger number of people now have access, but that opening also pulls the market away from its core values. Our guest speakers reveal the solutions put in place to go that one step further.


Marjorie François

Vice-President of Biomonde

Thomas Lemasle

CEO and co-founder of Oé

Maxime Durand

Co-founder and General Director of BioDemain