B.i.O. N’Days is one of a kind. Focused on technology and marketing innovation, it brings together professionals from across the organic market – food industry, cosmetics, textiles and household cleaning products – from France and abroad!

The face of organic 18 to 24-year-olds in 2030!

New ground-breaking research into the memory trace left on today’s children.

Today we are seeing a new wave of very young consumers – Generation Z and Generation Alpha – who are increasingly environmentally aware, and growing up in a world where organic is everywhere: in the media, in the surge of organic shops opening up and the expanding choice on the shelves and in school canteens …

By 2030, these hyper-connected youngsters are set to become consumers who are better informed, and embracing new global values in terms of environment, food and behaviour.

What will their consumer habits be? What will farming look like by then?

With this in mind, Cluster Bio will unveil the findings of a study designed to give you a stronger grasp of the way the market works, the challenges facing society and the impact of this imprint being left on the minds of our children, day after day.

SEE what organics will look like in 2030!

Themed Workshops

Themed workshops to gain practical tools.

Panel Discussions

12 conferences bringing together experts and companies sharing first-hand experience

B2B Meetings

Build your network and grow your business at B.i.O. N’Days

Tasting & Testing Tour

A unique opportunity to promote your new product innovations, get them tested and gain direct feedback!

Get together

Continue networking at a relaxed and friendly evening of dining and entertainment.

B.i.O. N’Days is one of a kind, focused on technology and marketing innovation across the organic market, spanning the food industry, cosmetics, textiles and household cleaning products from France and abroad. It is THE international meeting place for anticipating, innovating and discussing the organic products of the future:

  • Find out about emerging trends and the consumer behaviour patterns among the young of today and tomorrow.

  • Take part in panel discussions and workshops and discuss possible avenues for your future projects.
  • Build your network, make new contacts and meet potential technical and business partners.
  • Be the first to test out new organic product innovations.
  • Showcase your range and boost your brand profile before a wealth of processors and distributors …

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Tél : + 33(0)4 75 55 80 11

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