B.I.O. N ’Days is a golden opportunity to get your product innovations sampled, and dazzle the new generation of organic consumers !

Packaging and product tests, tasting and sensory tests, take advantage of a sample group of over 500 potential consumers from around the world to fine-tune your products and make a greater impact when launching them on the market.

New for 2018 : B.i.O. N'DAYS participants will be voting for the best organic product !

The Tasting & Testing Tour is where B.I.O. N’DAYS offers you an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your products and get them sampled by professionals from the organic sector as well as consumers.

A unique chance to get direct face-to-face feedback that will enable you to adapt your products or innovate to be perfectly in line with market expectations.

Packaging tests, product tests and sensory tests – take advantage of the Tasting & Testing Tour to fine-tune your products and make a greater impact when launching them on the organic market ! 

Be the one to win the Innovation Award !

Professionals from across the organic sector will vote for the best product in three different categories, judging which is the most likely to win over the new young generation of organic consumers !

The three categories are:

  • « Fast, simple & casual »
  • « Creative »
  • « Up-cycling » 

+ a special grand prize across all categories will be awarded by a group of young consumers selected by Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

How the tests will be conducted

During the event:


Your product will be on full display for two days at the B.I.O. N’Days event, ready for testing.


In between conferences and B2B meetings, the 500 participants expected to attend will be able to come along and test your new product innovations throughout the day!


As an official B.I.O. N’Days participant, you will not only be able to hand out your own questionnaire to the sample market of people trying out your products, but also tap into their views and expectations.


All participants will have the chance to vote online for their favourite product.

Equipment supplied during the event

Each Tasting & Testing participant will be provided with a stand area, with the company name and logo on display, plus a high table and chair.

Please note : for the rest of the display material, it is up to each individual company to bring whatever equipment is needed to best showcase its products in the most practical and eye-catching way (this includes supplying your own glasses, spoons, verrines, fridges, plates, spittoons and napkins etc.).  

The advantages of taking part

  • Showcase your product offering, boost your brand image and develop your business potential in the eyes of economic decision-makers on the organic market, as well as future consumers.
  • Raise your company profile and benefit from the wide media coverage of B.I.O. N’Days, and develop strong press relations by making direct contact with the journalists attending the event… It’s a win-win formula for all concerned!

Selection Criteria

A maximum of 20 projects will be selected to take part in the Tasting & Testing Tour by the official Selection Committee, which is made up of the Cluster Bio team organising the B.I.O. N’Days event. The selection criteria include the following:

  • Your product is adapted to the market in terms of current consumer trend profiles and the expectations of young generations of consumers.
  • Your product has an outstanding feature that sets it apart from the rest of the market and gives it a competitive edge (formulation, packaging and distribution means).
  • You have a genuine and concrete testing need.

Selection process – key dates

Deadline for submissions: 1st March 2018. You can start applying now. For your entry application to be confirmed, your project presentation pack must arrive no later than the date indicated above, and should include, if possible, photos or images, and the questionnaire that you aim to use for the test.

Official selection announcement date: 5th March 2018. The Tasting & Testing Tour Selection Committee, which is made up of the Cluster Bio team organising the B.I.O. N’Days event, will announce the final winning candidates, selecting a maximum of 20 projects to take part.

If your application is successful, you will receive confirmation no later than 10th March 2018.

Once your project has been officially selected

Tests conducted during B.I.O. N’Days 2018:

You can either bring your own product samples with you directly to the event and set up your stand between 7.30 and 8.30 a.m. on 4th April 2018.

2 rue René Truhaut, 26300 Alixan, France

OR you can send them to us separately at least a week in advance (namely, by 30th March 2018) to the following address.

Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Tasting and Testing Tour 2018

Ineed ROVALTAIN TGV, 1 rue Marc Séguin, BP 16208 Alixan – 26 958 Valence Cedex- France

General terms of participation

  • To take part in the Tasting & Testing Tour your product must be organically certified (or in the process of being certified), and must be related to at least one of the following different sectors: textiles, food industry, cosmetics and household cleaning products.
  • Your products may be in the development stage, in the launch phase, or they may already have been on the market for under a year.  
  • In addition to the basic registration fee for attending the 2-day B.I.O. N’Days event, there is also an additional fee of €200 excl. VAT to take part in the Tasting & Testing Tour (refer to the B.I.O. N’Days list of registration fees). Cluster Bio Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes will send you an invoice once you have received official confirmation that your project has been selected.
  • The fee for participating in the Tasting & Testing Tour covers: a high table, a sign displaying your company name and logo, high-profile visibility for your company and brand on all the communication tools promoting the B.I.O. N’Days event (website, print advertising media and B2B and B2C social media). It also covers the voting sessions and award ceremony organised by Cluster Bio.
  • Each company taking part is required to provide its own testing forms.

Image reproduction rights: participants are made aware that the event in which they will take part will be given wide media coverage by the press, but also on the television, radio and internet. They are therefore likely to be pictured, mentioned or quoted in such media.

Application form

Information about your company and project

Company representative in charge of presenting the project :

Information about the project

PDF format, less than 2MB

(Logo, product visuals...) Max - 5 MB

La candidature est définitive et non modifiable

You have until 1st March 2018 to apply.

The number of participants is limited – only the top 20 most innovative projects will be selected to take part in the Tasting & Testing Tour

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Audrey BOUTON
 By phone : +33 (0) 4 75 55 80 11 ou par mail : abouton@cluster-bio.com

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