How do we ensure long-term growth for the organic market?

In today’s world, the organic market is thriving as a viable response to the societal and environmental challenges we are having to face. But ‘just’ organic is no longer enough. The organic market has become one of many recent levers for change helping to develop better consumer habits, maintain health, and address ecological concerns. 73% of organic consumers have consumed organic products in the last 5 years.* The big challenge today however is to maintain loyalty amongst these new organic consumers, and meet their expectations.


*Source Agence bio 2018

Wednesday 25th March 2020

What strategies are needed to help boost business?

Organic products provide a major lever for addressing the societal and environmental challenges that consumers expect to face in the future. The organic market is steadily growing, driven by an expanding choice of products available via traditional distribution channels (hypermarket and supermarket chains), and an influx of new players arriving on the scene. Strategies must be honed to keep up with the pace and harness this momentum.


Speech to be given by a political figure

In response to concerns regarding the food sector, the French government launched a special National Food Forum in 2017, holding round table talks to reflect on the issues and build new and sustainable solutions together.

In 2018, France introduced a new law called the EGALIM Law, aimed at achieving a balance in trade relations in the agricultural sector and sustainable, healthy food. Two years down the line, we can take a first look at how efficient its impact has been on balancing trade relations, and making collective catering more organic.


Organic Market 2019 in Figures

With households buying more and more organic products, there is now room for all stakeholders to find their niche on this popularised, dynamic and fast-changing market. Get an overview of the state of play and market trends in 2019 for the different distribution chains (hypermarket and supermarket chains, specialist organic stores, e-commerce…) and see a breakdown of sales performance by category to help steer your business as effectively as possible.

How do you position yourself on an ever-shifting market?

Faced with market growth, stakeholders must adapt their individual strategies and position themselves to keep up with the pace of change. The historic strands at the root of the organic market, added to by the arrival of major food manufacturers, coupled with startups entering the game, all create a dynamic ecosystem that is forever driving forward to sharpen the definition of its values, goals and ambitions.

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Thursday 26th March 2020

How do we work them in to our model to better meet the needs of new consumers?

After a string of health scandals over the past few decades, organic products have come to mean a ‘safe haven’ for many, guaranteeing quality to consumers. As a result, a whole new range of products has been introduced onto the market, either as supplements or alternatives to organically-certified products. Market players must be aware of these emerging trends, take inspiration, but also define a clear position vis-à-vis what often presents direct competition to organic options.

What are the emerging trends in France and worldwide? What impact will they have on products and services?

Today’s consumer is versatile and capable of leading a fast-paced lifestyle that is ultra-connected and focused on pleasure, while at the same time being aware of the environmental issues at stake. This duality shows itself in new consumer trends emerging across the world, which we need to anticipate in order to keep ahead of the competition. Organic farming is one such trend, but it is no longer enough. Stakeholders have decided to go a step further by boasting added promises, such as local, zero waste… or even offering alternatives in direct competition with the organic label.

Quelles sont les tendances émergentes à l’international et en France : quels impacts sur les nouveaux produits et services développés ?

Zero-waste refill shops, digital, vegan, zero pesticide residue…. Hear it from the trailblazers!

Understanding the emerging needs of consumers is key to developing future innovation. Get first-hand experience from people with their finger on the pulse, who saw these trends coming, acted on them and went on to become pioneers in their field. They will explain their commitment and approach to fighting for societal and environmental concerns.

Vrac, Vegan, Zéro Résidu de Pesticides, Eco-conception … Témoignages de précurseurs

CSR, fair trade, digital… The groundbreakers have their say and point the way.

Product development is only part of the overall picture, because today’s companies are also adopting new practices and business models to create a more positive social impact, and make it known. Those who have followed these new paths will share feedback on their experience so far, to help you shape your own views on the issue.

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