Boost your business at B.I.O. N’DAYS

Take part in B2B meetings, a 20-minute face-to-face meeting with industry professionals there to help you develop and boost your business.

Representatives from different fields and stakeholders from the whole organics sector come together at B.I.O. N’DAYS:

Food industry, cosmetics, textiles, household cleaning products…

Decision-makers , suppliers, purchasers, experts from different fields, potential business partners, distributors and financiers

You single out the people you want to meet. Prepare your schedule in advance by setting up appointments directly with potential partners with the same areas of interest.

Start planning your winning schedule now! Set up your own tailor-made programme online. You can target your B2B meetings, and choose your conferences, workshops and product testing … 

The B2B schedule opens for appointments on 7th March 2018!

 Set the ball rolling now! Get your company name and profile out there by signing up online, and boost your chances of securing B2B meetings.