Take part in B2B meetings with other professionals from the organic sector!


Manage your own online schedule to set up your business appointments in advance, and boost your business!

You single out the people you want to meet over the one or two-day period. Prepare your schedule in advance by setting up appointments directly with potential partners who might be able to help your development strategy.

To take part in the B2B meetings:

  • Step 1: Fill in the online registration form. Important: please complete the full profile (including a description of your business sphere, logo/photo, product or service offer, needs…) to boost your chances of setting up the maximum number of B2B meetings!
  • Step 2: Browse the list of other participants
  • Step 3: Choose your won programme and make reservations to create your own tailor-made business schedule
    • Sign up for the conferences and workshops
    • Send out invitations for your B2B meeting, and manage your schedule


As of 5th February 2020, you can:

  • Browse the list of all the participants signed up for the event
  • Browse the list of all the participants open to setting up B2B meetings

Partners of B2B meetings

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