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Bio'n'Days 2021 - 6ème convention d'affaires internationale pour les produits biologiques

International Business Convention for Organic Products
9th and 10th June 2021
Valence, France

Comment concilier la croissance et la confiance dans le bio ?How can growth and trust in organic go hand in hand?

In response to today’s societal, environmental and health challenges, organic products have positioned themselves as a viable solution, offering a more durable consumer approach which also protects your health. In France, 9 out of 10 people consume organic products, if only rarely, and the sector continues to win over new consumers (Source: Agence Bio 2020). The foundations of the organic market have now been firmly established, but that promise alone is no longer enough.

Bio'n'Days 2021 - 6th international business convention for organic products

B.i.O.N’Days is one of a kind. Focused on organic products, it spans the food industry, cosmetics, textiles and household cleaning products from France and abroad. It is THE international meeting place for anticipating, innovating and discussing the organic products of the future.

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