6th International Business Convention For Organic Products

NOTE THE NEW DATES! 9th and 10th June 2021
in Valence, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France.

B.i.O.N’Days is one of a kind. Focused on organic products, it spans the food industry, cosmetics, textiles and household cleaning products from France and abroad. It is THE international meeting place for anticipating, innovating and discussing the organic products of the future.

Panel Discussions

Conferences bringing together experts and companies sharing first-hand experience.

Themed Workshops

Themed workshops to gain new skills and practical tools.

B2B Meetings

Build your network and grow your business at B.i.O. N’Days!

Tasting & Testing Tour

A unique opportunity to promote your new product innovations, get them tested and gain direct feedback!

Get-together evening

Continue networking at a relaxed and friendly evening of dining and entertainment.
  • B2B meetings: an opportunity to meet companies face to face, as well as distributors, suppliers, experts and financiers. Build your network, make new contacts and meet potential technical and business partners.
  • Themed workshops to gain new skills and practical tools. Take part in panel discussions to discuss possible avenues for your future projects.
  • Conferences with international experts. Find out about current and emerging trends and the consumer behaviour patterns.
  • The Tasting & Testing Tour where you can be the first to try out new product innovations and meet the people behind the ideas.
  • Professionals in the field sharing first-hand experience of their winning strategies. Showcase your range and boost your brand profile amongst a wealth of processors and distributors …
  • A friendly get-together evening for you to build your network.




Convention Centre: Espace HEMERA, Pôle séminaire Valence TGV

Address: Cours Emilie du Châtelet, 2 Rue René Truhaut, 26300, Alixan, France

  • By train: ‘Valence TGV’ SNCF train station. 2 hours from Paris (Gare de Lyon) and Marseille, and 34 mins from Lyon.
    Please note: ‘Valence Ville’ is a different SNCF station located in the city centre.
  • By car: RN532, Exit N°4 for ‘Gare TGV’.
  • By bus: Citéa bus network, 25 mins from Valence city centre.

Venue - where to find us